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Killing Aashish Karve: Salil Desai ( AN inspector Saralkar Mystery)

Name of Novel: Killing Ashish Karve

Name of Author: Salil Desai ( AN inspector Saralkar Mystery)

Name of Publisher: FingerPrint ( An imprint of Prkash Book Depot)

Total Number of Pages : 260

MRP: 199/-

ISBN Number: 978-81-7234-531-0

" Ramakant Karve patted his grandson's shoulder and stroked his cheek gently. He had lost his own father when he had been almost as old as this child, and a feeling of overwhelming grief overcame him. He didn't remember feeling or understanding anything at that age. The sense of loss had come a year or two later, and had only grown with every passing year, right into his twenties - some thing he had never been able to share with anybody. But it had impacted his psyche deeply." ... Page 61

Killing Ashish Karve is a murder mystery written by Salil Desai. It is an Inspector Saralkar mystery. The first edition was published as The Body in the Back Seat by Gyaana Books in 2011. This edition is published by Fingerprint. Salil Desai is a pune base author. He is also linked to film industry as a film maker. His other books are Three and half murder, Sane Psychopath etc. 

Story Idea: K.A.K. is a cop story where Inspector Saralkar is entangled in a tricky murder mystery. This story starts from the misadventure of a car thief, Javed, who tries to steal a car. When he found that along with car, he has collected a dead body also, he abandons the car and flee away. Car remains stated their for a couple of days. People of that area complained about this car. Traffic police toes this car to police station where after some time this unclaimed dead body is discovered. It is the body of Ashish Karve. " If this is a joke, you have had it," Tapkir swore, and proceeded to look through the glass. Ashish Karve certainly didn't present a pretty sight after nearly three days at the bottom of the back seat.".... page no.21  

After getting a unclaimed body, Inspector Saralkar starts investigations. At first look, this case looks like a case of suicide attempt. Later on Inspector motkar starts investigation. During his investigation, he put lots of questions to the family members and colleagues of Ashish Karve. After the discovery of dead body of Ashish Karve, Inspector Saralkar narrows down his investigation on his business partner, wife and his brother. But his investigations do not get any conclusive results. During his investigation another murder occurs. Beautiful lady who is coworker of Ashish Karve found murdered in her apartment. The point of suspension also points to the the father of Ashish Karve who is an ex-army man. In the end, Saralkar solve the murder mystery amicably by observing a minute point when a local thief Javed get arrested.

My point of view: In my point of you, writer Salil Desai has produced sleek, interesting and beautifully written story. The characterization of Ashish Barve, Jaydeep karve, his business Associates, wife of Ashish karve is beautifully done. Even the son of Ashish Karve get his due space in this story in the middle story seems to be a bit slow where inspector motka does some question answers aur interviewed two different candidates but it is a demand of story if a storyteller necklace this point then there will be no clarity in further incidents of narration as a reader I enjoyed this book ok and it can be collected because in my point of view it is more than one time read you can revisit this book after sometime sofa my detailed point of you you can visit my YouTube channel book hub which is is connected to my block and a link is given below

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