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Mark Billingham: Novels

 Mark Billingham: His fiction and Characters:-

mark billingham
Mark Billingham
Among the crime fiction writers, Mark Billingham is considered as the most popular in UK. In most of the crime fiction, we come across a detective or police officer and a culprit. A chain of victims connect them by a series of events like murder, accidents etc. Characterization of Mark Billingham  is unique in one way or other. He had a firsthand experience of being a hostage at gun point. He gives a thorough experience of victim’s emotions and experiences. His novels have dark shade but portray less violence as the plot progresses.

He conceptualized Detective Inspector Tom Thorne in 2001. His novels featuring D.I. Tom Thorne are hugely popular. Tom Thorne’s fiction won him Sherlock Award for the best British detective and Crime Novel of the year award. His books are among the Sunday times top ten best seller consistently. Cry Baby is the new book which is slated to be released in july 2020. This book is 17th book of Tom Thorne.

Tom Thorne series:
  1. Sleepy head ( published in 2001)
  2.  Scaredy cat (published in 2002)
  3.  Lazybones (published in 2003)
  4. The Burning Girl (2004)
  5. Lifeless (published in 2005)
  6. Buried (published in 2006)
  7.  Death Message (published in 2007)
  8.  Bloodline (published in 2009)
  9. From the Dead (published in 2010)
  10. Good as Dead (published in 2011)
  11. The Dying Hours (published in 2013)
  12. The Bones Beneath (published in 2014)
  13. Time of Death (published in 2015)
  14. Love Like Blood (published in 2017)
  15. The Killing Habit (published in 2018)
  16.  Their Little Secret (published in 2019)
  17. Cry Baby (published in 2020)
His latest book 'Cry Baby' is the latest novel. It is supposed to be prequel of his debutante novel 'sleepyhead'. It portrays Tom Thorne as a haunted man. His intuition for crime fails him which lead to the disappearance of a child with his friend, Keiron Coyne. He pledge to himself that he would not be a wrong person in his judgement.
cry baby
Cry Baby:Mark Billingham
Apart from above series, he has written some other novels also which are not in any series:-
1.       In the dark (in 2008)
2.       Rush of blood (in 2012)
3.       Die of shame (in 2016)
4.       Omnibus having - From the dead, Lifeless, Death message, The bones beneath, Sleepyhead, The Burning Girl, Scaredy cat and Die of shame. (In 2018)

He has contributed to some collections along with some other writers like Haran Coben, P D James etc.
1.       Crime writers: A Decade of Crime (in 2013)
2.       Dancing Towards the Blade and Other Stories (in 2013)

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